Disney Springs West Side Parking Garage’s Architectural Highlights Begin Installation, Lake Buena Vista Drive Expansion Underway

Disney Springs as you have no doubt noticed is a mammoth undertaking that has engulfed the entire neighboring area in construction as the Walt Disney Company aims to transform and rejuvenate Downtown Disney.  Disney Springs when complete will give guests over twice as many reasons to visit the retail and entertainment district of Walt Disney World and that presents several challenges when trying to determine just how to get volumes of people in and out of the area safely and efficiently and of course there has to be a place to well, park your car.  To that end Disney Springs is well on its way, as the West Side Parking garage has made substantial progress towards its eventual completion date in early 2015.



Our latest look at the construction site shows off some of the architectural highlights added to the parking garage structure that will help to break away the cold hard lines of the typical parking garage.  When complete the parking garage will contain many elements that will add to the beauty of the structure including pitched louver panels, perforated metal and planter boxes filled with greenery.  Combined they will help the parking garage better blend in with the surroundings as well as provide some visual bonus amongst its more practical underpinnings.  With the West Side parking garage under construction and the other multi-level parking garage yet to break ground we have a sense of where people will be headed but for the question of how they will get there we now must turn to the expansion of Buena Vista Drive.


Disney Springs
Rendering of Buena Vista Drive Expansion © Walt Disney Company 2014


Buena Vista drive is a total mess with the construction that is taking place and guests who can avoid the area should consider it.  That being said, any inconveniences to guests occurring today are well warranted as the expansion of Buena Vista Drive brings along plenty of welcome enhancements for the future.  For one, it will expand the road from seven to ten lanes, with a lane dedicated for buses.  Two pedestrian bridges will also make traversing the busy roadway much safer for guests and cast members alike.  And the final intriguing piece to this transportation puzzle comes in the way of an I-4 Interchange.


Disney Springs
Rendering of I-4 Direct Access To Disney Springs West Side Parking Garage © Walt Disney Company 2014

Disney Springs West Side Parking Garage Construction September 2, 2014 - 2


The I-4 Interchange will grant direct access to and from Disney Springs and you can already see a piece of the entryway into the West Side parking garage that is already well along in construction.  It is quite an undertaking and one that you don’t quite fully grasp until you see it for yourself.  Hopefully we’ve imparted some sense of it in the words above and we hope to continue to bring you the massive story of Disney Springs in equally grandiose ways.