Disney Springs Marketplace Bridge Quite the Sight From Above

With one Disney Springs Marketplace bridge open and one more to go, it was time we took to the air to get some nice overview shots of the construction that will bring both sides of Marketplace together.  The final Marketplace bridge is set to open in early 2015 and you can really see just how seemingly close the construction is to completion.  Of course looks can be somewhat deceiving, as there are still many elements left to be installed in the months ahead.  Still one can really get a grand sense of just how important a change this represents for Marketplace. Visually the new bridge helps to bind the area and it can’t be stressed enough just how much better it will be to traverse Marketplace with this new water causeway option.  We hope you enjoy these aerial photos of Disney Springs and we’ll have more for you this week.


Disney Springs Marketplace Bridge Construction Overview Mid-September 2014 - 2Disney Springs Marketplace Bridge Construction Overview Mid-September