The refreshed building looks beautiful.

Starbucks’ Opening Approaches at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is about to embark on a major journey in the next few years that will transform the park forever but in the meantime why not begin with good coffee.  February will see the opening of Walt Disney World’s fifth Starbucks locale and we don’t even need to wait that long to see the refreshed theming on the exterior of the repurposed building at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard.  Starbucks’ latest Disney home will be inside The Trolley Car Café as the beautiful neon sign still hiding the Starbucks logo clearly brands the structure.  The Red Car Trolley theming has been subtle at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but taken on more prominence of late and will surely remind guests of the reinvented entrance to Disney’s California Adventure which features the Red Car Trolley as an attraction onto itself.  Could this be a sign of things to come? Perhaps but what is for sure is things are about to get sweeter all the time now at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and we aren’t just talking about those White Chocolate Mochas.