Everyone Meet Jessie, The Hangar’s Prized Steamboat

The Boathouse has got The Landing at Disney Springs covered when it comes to well boats but just because The Hangar restaurant and bar is aviation themed doesn’t mean it can’t have a little steamboat fun.  Everyone, say hello to Jessie.


Jessie at the Hangar Restaurant and Bar - 6


This rag-tag steamboat is the pride of the Hangar and should serve its guests well, providing an overlook onto the nightly festivities at the nearby performance area and all the action on the water over by The Boathouse restaurant.  I’ve overheard that it may serve as an outdoor bar though the space doesn’t seem quite suited for that, though it would certainly add to its appeal.  For now we’ll just marvel at the latest theming element to arrive at The Landing and wonder how’d it perform as vessel on the Jungle Cruise.