Disney is masterful with landscaping.

Preview the Fastpass+ West Firework Viewing at Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom’s Central Plaza is undergoing major renovations that will change the look of the “hub” forever.  The new plaza will feature an all-new outer ring of connecting walkways adorned with new weightier brown steel fencing, landscaping, fountains, new “turn of the century” styled lamp posts and more.  When completed sometime later this year, it will provide the theme park with enhanced guest traffic flow at the very core of its footprint.  But there is one more feature that is one of the sparks for this entire renovation, Fastpass+ firework viewing areas (namely West Fireworks Viewing and East Fireworks Viewing) and we are getting our first near completed preview of it.


Fastpass+ West Firework Viewing Gardens Prepare To Open at MK Hub - 3

Fastpass+ West Firework Viewing Gardens Prepare To Open at MK Hub - 6

Yes, AstroTurf is a thing at the Magic Kingdom.

We’ve already previewed the walkways and though there is some progress on that front, there still remains some fencing work to be done before this area opens to the public in the coming days.  Turning our attention over to the new FastPass+ West Fireworks Viewing pad, we find a dedicated entryway that leads to a field of AstroTurf lined with pathways, adorned with landscaping and fencing as well as some featured topiaries.  Yes, AstroTurf is a thing at the Magic Kingdom now and it’s the feature that at the present moment I like the least about this project, though I’m hoping it won’t stand out quite as much once the build is completed.  Still, guests will be pleased to know they can reserve a spot for the nightly showing of Wishes! and likely other entertainment throughout the day.


Fastpass+ West Firework Viewing Gardens Prepare To Open at MK Hub - 7Fastpass+ West Firework Viewing Gardens Prepare To Open at MK Hub - 10


Overall the area feels very different, the smaller Cinderella Castle moat doesn’t go unnoticed and it does detract from the vistas even if most won’t even remember what it was like before the change.  The new materials used throughout the area and the paint scheme do add a sense of class to the already pristine Magic Kingdom Central Plaza.  The landscaping that has been put into place is noteworthy and really helps to plus the area and it will no doubt contribute along with the new pathways for some more incredible photo-taking opportunities.  Though I feel the changes are largely necessary, notwithstanding the Firework viewing pads, there are some sightlines that feel unusually cluttered.  But there is little doubt that some will see this construction from certain angles and be left with nothing but the word, “wow.”  It won’t be long now before this section opens to the public and we will update you when it does but for now we leave you with some photos of the hub’s rings presented by Pandora, we kid thee not.