See How the “AVATAR” Land Will Come to Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney has released video of the conceptual work at Walt Disney Imagineering necessary to translate the world of Pandora from movie-screen into the latest land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom based on the film “AVATAR.”  We get our first look at some of what Walt Disney Imagineers in concert with the artists and designers at Lightstorm have created and we think you are going to love what you see.  Needless to say the recreated bioluminescent forest may be one of the biggest draws of the land and in this teaser we see Imagineers as they show off a sample piece of what may lie beneath your feet.  As in the film, guests will enter an interactive bioluminescent forest that includes ultra-exotic glowing plants and earth that flashes and glows as you walk over it.  It is a stunning effect to see realized even in this small-scale and it’s really the star of this clip (that you can see for yourself by clicking the play button above).  Disney also released another piece of concept art of the Pandoran Floating Mountains you can experience for yourself in early 2017.  It is a long wait to be sure but it will be the crowning jewel for a revitalized Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.


Latest Rendering Released as Disney Continues Design Work on the World of AVATAR
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