Disney CEO Bob Iger Confirms Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Name Will Be Changed

One of Walt Disney World’s theme parks is about to receive yet another name change and it was confirmed today by the Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger after being befuddled by a question from a young lad in the audience at Disney’s annual shareholder meeting.  Bob Iger who is extremely well prepared for almost any Walt Disney Company related question was unsure about how to answer and stumbled into an answer that eventually confirmed that Disney’s Hollywood Studios‘ name will change after the parks unannounced attraction additions, expansions and retheming take place in the coming years.  We are certain to get more information about these changes at upcoming events including the D23 Expo 2015 but to have Iger confirm what had been an ongoing rumor is interesting nonetheless.



Disney’s Hollywood Studios is facing declining attendance that now makes it the fourth most visited theme park at Walt Disney World behind Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Bob Iger has hinted at Star Wars related attractions coming to Disney Parks across the globe and it is expected that Disney’s Hollywood Studios might become the home for a major expression of this.  A Pixar expansion at the theme park has often been rumored along with several other place-making efforts that would make the redevelopment of Disney’s Hollywood Studios fall in line with what we saw at Disney California Adventure, Disney’s other once-maligned theme park that has now been steadily revamped into a thriving success after a major resource infusion of both money and dedicated effort.


Mickey's Sorcerer Hat Loses Its Top As Demolition Continues - 2


Disney has already begun to signal the changes coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios by removing the often criticized Sorcerer Hat icon that has been covering the theme park’s once flagship attraction, “The Great Movie Ride.”  This along with a recently announced expansion of capacity to the park’s very popular Toy Story Mania attraction are just the latest signs of the impending mammoth work to be undertaken to revitalize the theme park and make it stand once more as a Disney Park worthy of your time and hard-earned money.  So what do you think the new theme and name might be? Be sure to let us know in the comments below or in the Da Mouse Forum.