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The Boathouse Introduces Gibbs Quadski XL to Disney Springs

The Landing has its icon and a few shops have already opened within its reaches but make no mistake about it, The Boathouse is the landmark arrival that everyone is waiting for.  This upscale waterfront dining experience is set to be like nothing else you’ve ever enjoyed at Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) by combining high quality food and entertainment with seafaring over the Disney Springs waterfront in a multitude of ways.  We know about the guided tours on the wooden Captain’s Italian Water Taxi or in the vintage Amphicars but now there is something else.  Something sleek, modern, fast and seemingly straight out of a Bond film.  We are talking the Gibbs Sports Quadski XL and trust us one look at the video embedded above and you are going to have so much adrenaline pumping through your veins you’ll to want to experience the real thing.



The Quadski XL is a two-seater quad bike that transforms into a jet ski at the push of a button once you embark on your water adventure and back again once dry land seems like more your thing.  There are two of these wonderful machines parked on the front porch of The Boathouse just begging to be taken for a spin painted in white with fun teal highlights.  We don’t know as of yet how these will be incorporated into The Boathouse’s offerings but we have reached out for comment and will update this article with any new information provided.  For now we are left to wonder and dream about a Disney Springs future that looks to be gaining wind in her sails by the day.