Margarita Bar Renovations Bring Disney Springs Style to Marketplace

With Disney Springs comes an entirely new design focus centered around a historic Florida theme and history that Disney has created for their retail and entertainment district.  The bulk of this theming shall be found at Disney Springs’ Town Center and The Landing but even West Side has received a few nods with Marketplace getting a few to call its own as well.  For Marketplace in particular the changes are beginning to add up even in their relatively small way in preparation for the official transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs.  It began with the Marketplace Bridge and Boat Dock, then the new Starbucks Kiosk, to some extent the Marketplace Co-Op and of course the Marketplace Causeway.  We now can see the additions to the World of Disney Store coming along and that leaves just the Margarita Bar that is approaching its opening after a renovation that has brought out its Florida agricultural charm.


Disney Springs Marketplace's Margarita Bar Renovations Nearly Completed - 3


With a sign pronouncing, “Fresh Picked Produce,” surrounded by lime green there is little doubt of to the origins of the story nor what this little waterfront bar shall be all about.  The new bar prominently edges out into the Disney Springs waters and now will include a beautiful wooden deck that also is home to a large wooden awning that is covered with stringed lights.  It will be the latest refreshing sight in the Marketplace and who doesn’t like a margarita with a view?