‘Tomorrowland’ Sneak Peek Reveals Adventure That Begins With a Rocket Pack

Walt Disney Studios’ Tomorrowland arrives in theaters May 22, 2015 but theme park goers at Disneyland and Epcot are in for a special treat as they get to watch a 12-minute sneak peek alongside an exhibit with props and more from the film.  It is a worthwhile visit for anyone making it out to the resorts on both U.S. Disney coasts but if you can’t make it out for yourself and don’t mind spoilers we’ve got a grand write-up of just what we saw in the Tomorrowland movie sneak peek.


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Our preview begins with Frank Walker a very young man as he arrives in a Greyhound bus complete with overhead skylights and bustling with people ready to attend the N.Y. 1964 World’s Fair.  As he disembarks he enters a festival of the future complete with the corporate sponsorship aura of the day. We see Walker as he makes his way carrying a pouch of modest means but soon we shall see it holds something of great importance.  At the hall inventors are submitting their latest contraptions to be entered into some sort of contest or exposition and it is with that mind that Frank Walker has made his way here today.


He plops his heavy pouch onto the table for examination by one of the judges a stern, clean well-mannered and certainly educated individual with a quite the discerning eye for greatness. He is almost ready to dismiss the young lad but just then Frank Walker opens the pouch and out comes a wonder of metal and every refined hand me down piece that could fit into such a crafted machine. Suddenly we learn that Frank Walker is a maker and in a wonderful shot we can just see it in the judges eyes as he is taken aback by young Frank Walker’s invention as the lad continues his exposition about just what it is, “you know a rocket pack.”


Just then in the periphery an angelic young girl inquires quite seriously but also filled with joy, “did you make it yourself.”  The budding little romance and adventure is quickly afoot as the shy young man does indeed take credit for building it by himself and continues to tell the judge that his contraption works it just doesn’t well — fly.

Disney's TOMORROWLAND..Casey (Britt Robertson) ..Ph: Film Frame..?Disney 2015

We are taken to a scene back at Walker’s farm where he dawns a baseball catchers attire with padding, knee pads along with a leather helmet, iconic goggles and of course his rocket pack strapped to his back with the launch button at the end of a cord that he is ready to press on. Once he does it’s full throttle into the ground and skipping along like a pebble on water he glances blow-by-blow off of the grass field and into a Field of Dreams-like corn field.

Disney's TOMORROWLAND David Nix (Hugh Laurie)  Ph: Film Frame ©Disney 2015

Disappointed the judge finally begins to dismiss young Frank Walker and his not quite there invention as he can’t find the purpose to such a device if it has no function. To this Frank Walker has a response.  What if people could see you flying overhead with a rocket pack overhead wouldn’t that inspire them?  Wouldn’t that make this venture worthy of seeing through?  Can’t invention just be for fun.


Well not for this judge who tells the young lad to keep working on his contraption and smugly tells him to “have fun.”


The judge who appears to be Athena’s father or guardian tells Athena sharply, “no,” as to not let her get any ideas. Now standing beside the judge and behind the judges table a few moments after Walker’s departure Athena tells the judge, “I like him.”

Sitting at a bench Walker is approached by Athena who sits beside him facing the opposite direction so as to not draw attention to their impromptu meeting. She commands him not to turn around and look her way but we boys can be hard of hearing and curiosity indeed gets the best of Walker at this moment. Athena hands Walker a Tomorrowland pin that unbeknownst to him at this point is an incredible honor that is about to change his life forever. Athena’s exposition has left Walker in a bit of a whirlwind but as she is about to leave him, Walker asks Athena in a sort of “I didn’t get your name” sort of manner, “who are you?” To which Athena supremely confident replies, “Frank Walker, I am the future.” Soon Walker will be getting to see that future for himself. But before we enter a futuristic world we must remember “it’s a small world” and that is Walker’s next destination.


He sees the crowds making their way through the World’s fair and into this Disney attraction sponsored by UNICEF and he skips the lines and enters a boat that just happens to be empty and of course it is because where he is going is reserved for the few. After making his way through “it’s a small world” (clearly shot at Disneyland’s version) something magical happens. A laser scans the Tomorrowland pin that is now proudly worn by Frank Walker on his chest and given to him by Athena and after the scan confirms the significance of the pin an underground redirect channel opens in the flume and down and away goes Walker with his boat leaving the attraction behind. In a mysterious scene of near darkness quite like what you might find at a lake at night, Walker’s boat docks in front of a lone metal vehicle that appears to be NY Subway train car, only this refined vehicle isn’t making the regular rounds.


Walker proceeds inside where a female recorded voice plays over the intercom warning passengers that they should put on one of the provided white hard hats so as to avoid injury on the journey. But to the detriment of Walker this vehicle was designed for adults, telling once again of the specialness of the young boy and he just can’t reach the safety feature hard as he tried. Only one thing left to do, hold on because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Suddenly the vehicle thrusts through time as evidenced by the warping of Frank Walker’s face and body through the scene. Finally the motion stops, he has arrived. Walker gets up from the ground as the doors open to reveal that he’s not in New York anymore.

Disney's TOMORROWLANDTomorrowlandPh: Film Frame©Disney 2015

But where might he be. He stands at the edge of platform forty with fog hiding the path forward from view. But that doesn’t stop Walker from pressing on lugging his rocket pack alongside with him, that too has arrived in the future. The boy sees a construction barrier warning, “Do Not Enter” but you don’t get this far without testing the boundaries and soon Walker is doing just that. He reaches the edge and looks out as the camera pans and we hear the thunderous roar of machinery almost helicopter-like beginning to rise out in front of the unfinished platform. It’s a swarm of laser 3-D printing robots of an unforeseen scale blasting and sculpting the refined highway of sorts into place but they manage to throw Walker overboard and he plummets down only to land on platform 39 where his rocket pack with “Electrolux” branding clunks right beside him. Then a ferociously unknown giant robot grabs the boy and his contraption at first sending fear up his spine. But quickly he notices the giant robot has seen to fix and get working Frank Walkers rocket pack to his admiration and joy. The giant robot caresses the boy with one of his arms and brings him to the now repaired jet pack. With the other hand the giant robot flips open a mechanical part to give Walker the obviously not forgotten international thumbs up sign.


But it isn’t long before Walker is in trouble again as he falls down and begins to plummet towards the unknown below amidst the dense fog. Trying to turn the peril into adventure and potentially save his life the boy reaches for his rocket pack that he now glances at falling down near him. For a moment there is a break in the clouds and the brightest perfect sunshine seeps through and into a magical, pristine futuristic city unlike anything the world has ever seen. And for that moment Frank Walker has forgotten about his impending doom. Luckily as he fades back into the fog he remembers he needs to save himself and tries to buckle on the jet pack but try doing that while falling to your almost assured death. When he fails he ties the belts in a makeshift knot and proceeds to fire the now working jet pack and Frank Walker Triumphantly stands tall just inches from the ground before the thrust of the jet pack that saved him inches from the ground propels him high above it.

Disney's TOMORROWLANDCasey (Britt Robertson) Ph: Film Frame©Disney 2015

The movie teaser is over but not before a George Clooney (Frank Walker) introduces us into a sizzle-reel trailer of the film.  “You haven’t seen nothing yet,” he proclaims.