Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Coming To Netflix in 2016

Marvel is attempting to recreate the movie magic its films have unleashed on moviegoers throughout the world on a slightly smaller scale known as television.  Its first foray came to ABC via the form of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, a spinoff that directly tied into the Marvel world appearing on the big screen.  Then there was Marvel’s Agent Carter mini-series that although quite enjoyable doesn’t appear that it will get picked up for a second run.  Although Marvel on ABC is surely just begun it is Marvel on Netflix that at the moment is causing all the stir.  That’s because after a critically acclaimed Season 1 of Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel and Netflix have announced that Season 2 of the show will arrive in 2016 exclusively on Netflix.



Daredevil’s first thirteen episodes arrived on Netflix on April 10 but already the buzz surrounding the show has been phenomenal and clearly Netflix and Marvel were seeking to capitalize on it.  The show revolves around Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) who was blinded as a young boy but gifted with extraordinary senses that he then uses to see the world like never before.  Lawyer by day and Super Hero “Daredevil” by night, the first season of the show takes viewers into modern-day Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.  The show is a dark adaptation of the comic book series and represents a step forward for the quality of TV comic book superhero shows.  Marvel’s Agents of Shield lacks some of the gritty and captivating storytelling present in Daredevil and even The CW’s Arrow with its rather good fight scenes now has some major competition in the form of the “Man Without Fear!”  We highly recommend the series and you can see it at the link below but even Daredevil is just a small part of Marvel’s plans on Netflix.


Later this year, “Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones” comes exclusively to the streaming network.  “Marvel’s Luke Cage” premieres on Netflix in 2016.  And still more the Marvel and Netflix partnership includes the series “Marvel’s Iron Fist” and “Marvel’s Defenders,” a mini-series event that reimagines a team of self-sacrificing, heroic characters.  For Marvel and its legion of loyal fans it seems that more is indeed more.


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