Crane Arrives as Soarin’ Theater Expansion Underway at Epcot

Fans of Future World and Soarin’ at Epcot more specifically have something to cheer about. Sometime late in 2016 wait times for the fan-favorite E-ticket attraction should become a bit more manageable as a new theater is added to the attraction’s lineup with the often rumored new movie in tow as well as several enhancements to the theaters including welcome upgrades to the projection technology.  Though the long wait for the expansion to be completed tempers our excitement, the large construction cranes that are now part of the Epcot skyline help to spur it back up.

Soarin' Theater Expansion Pad Satellite Image
One look at the bottom-center of the image and you’ll spot the large plot of land cleared out earlier this year to make way for the new Soarin’ Theater.
Soarin' Theater Expansion Construction Underway - 1
Oh Canada, first the Soarin’ sky blue building destroys your forced perspective and now its cranes do too.

Visible from the World Showcase, the large red construction cranes are working on a large plot of land that has been cleared behind the existing Soarin’ theater building where the new theater shall rise in the coming months.  Soarin’ is unquestionably Epcot’s best ride and since it’s an attraction most in the family can ride together the wait times alongside FastPass+ can become untenable rather quickly.  The theater’s projection systems and the screens themselves often show their age, especially as theater systems across the world have been upgraded with new technologies that feature much higher resolutions and high dynamic range (HDR).  Soon Soarin’ will have the new technology underpinnings it deserves as one of the few standout attractions in a Future World at Epcot that has otherwise largely lost its way.

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