ABC’s ‘Agents of Shield’ Season 2 Finale Takes Shot at Fox News

Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD has just concluded its second season with a finale episode that contained many theatrics worthy of a show that has just been renewed by the Walt Disney Company’s broadcast network ABC.  Sadly the theatrics didn’t just stick to the story of “Inhumans” and their struggle to exist alongside SHIELD’s perpetual attempt at keeping order in the world.  Rather ABC saw fit to use the two-hour finale to air a politically charged joke aimed directly at the cable channel Fox News.  It is in poor taste and regrettable no matter ones personal feelings about the cable news channel and their programming.  Sadly it follows a pattern for the network that has allowed The Oscars to become a platform for actors-turned-political-activists to recite political talking points that are laced with no facts and often poorly disguised hatred for America.



As you can see for yourself in the clip above we see Skye reciting to Shield Agent ‘Mack’ the trouble of finding out that her mom is actually evil and has killed several innocents.  It isn’t long before Mack makes the unfortunate statement, thinly veiled as a joke, “yeah, I thought my mom was bad when she started watching Fox News.”  Needless to say ABC whose own broadcast network has the news division ABC News shouldn’t be making this type of commentary that just about equates Fox News with being an evil as great as a murderer.  It is poor judgement at best and I hope that ABC and the Walt Disney Company grows beyond this pettiness in the future.