Adventureland Veranda Gets a New Lease On Life

If there is anything that Be Our Guest restaurant has taught us it’s that the Magic Kingdom theme park could use more high-quality dining options.  Luckily the Adventureland Veranda’s new lease on life appears to be bringing us just that.  Located just to the right as you enter Adventureland, this spot would appear to be a prime location in the Magic Kingdom but in recent years has been relegated to character-meet-and-greet duties.  Luckily the time has seemingly come for a revamp and the thus far unconfirmed rumors point to a Jungle Cruise Skipper themed cantina.  Just the mere utterance of this idea and I can envision the fully booked reservation dates months in advance but for now that is in the distant future as construction has only just begun.


Adventureland Veranda Gets a New Lease On Life - 1 Adventureland Veranda Gets a New Lease On Life - 2


Construction walls cover the entrance to the Adventureland Veranda as you’d expect but you can still see the buildings that have had portions of their walls exposed and likely will be expanded out.  The Magic Kingdom’s food options have been steadily improving but far too often the food leaves a ton to be desired, especially when compared to dining at Epcot with its myriad of options at all price levels.  This new addition could provide Adventureland something new and exciting in an area of the Magic Kingdom that often feels forgotten having received its last major addition in 2001 when The Magic Carpets of Aladdin opened, giving the park its third spinner attraction.  The addition will also add dining capacity to a theme park struggling to handle the ever-increasing attendance numbers it faces.  And some more face to face time with your favorite Jungle Cruise Skippers could prove to be the most fun you’ve ever had this side of the backside of water.

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