Magic Kingdom “Hub” Construction Encroaches Upon Cinderella Castle

The Magic Kingdom’s “hub” redevelopment and expansion has left the heart of the Magic Kingdom in a lengthy stage of transition.  The areas that have already opened have provided for better capacity in the all-too-often overcrowded center of the theme park.  But the vast amounts of green construction walls that approach and even now wrap parts of the Cinderella Castle stage, show just how much work is left to be done and take away from the otherwise pristine beauty that the Magic Kingdom is known for.  Soon all the construction shall be completed and some shall never be the wiser to the changes for it shall be as if it had always been this way.  But for now the Magic Kingdom is facing growing pains as the Partners Statue featuring Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse encased in a protective box can attest to.


Magic Kingdom Hub Construction Continues into June 2015 - 6 Magic Kingdom Hub Construction Continues into June 2015 - 5 Magic Kingdom Hub Construction Continues into June 2015 - 4


Notably, you can now see one of the new hub kiosks that is nearly finished, whilst the other still has some work left to go.  The Partners Statue and the immediately surrounding hub area work is nearly completed and it could seemingly open any day now.  As mentioned above the construction walls are now blocking off the East ramp into Cinderella Castle as the new castle spires await their day in the Florida sun.  It makes for a temporarily disjointed Magic Kingdom but as anyone who participates in the summer crowds at Walt Disney World knows, most of these changes are more than just necessary.  It’s the new normal at the Magic Kingdom where crowd control has in some ways become more important to the theme park than the flashy new attractions that bring the onslaught of new crowds into a park that is struggling to handle them.