Cinderella Castle Grows with New Spires

It’s not every day that Cinderella Castle expands its reaches but yesterday Cinderella Castle did just that.  Cinderella Castle has new castle spires and this time they aren’t in the castle courtyard by New Fantasyland.  No these spires are in the front and off to the sides of Cinderella Castle accentuating what was already one of the most photographed icons in the world.

Cinderella Castle Grows with New Spires - 23Cinderella Castle Grows with New Spires - 24

Cinderella Castle Grows with New Spires - 28

At the moment only the tops of the spires have been revealed and there are still castle walls and spires left to make their debut but even still we wanted to give you a wonderful look at your growing castle.  This is all part of the expanding Magic Kingdom “hub” and the additional spires might be the best part of the whole addition.  So click-through the photos as we take you up to and around the new Cinderella Castle spires to give you a sense of what it feels like now at the world’s most visited theme park.