Latest Look at the Main Street USA Bypass

There is little getting around the overcrowding issues at the Magic Kingdom but that’s where the theme park’s “hub” redevelopment is already paying some dividends whilst the enhanced Main Street USA bypass is making the experience slightly more enjoyable as well.  After an extensive updated look at the Cinderella Castle plaza and its new castle spires, we turn to the smaller sibling project that is the Main Street USA bypass.  It doesn’t quite live up to the glamour of the larger hub redevelopment.  Still, it’s a vast improvement from the plainly visible backstage areas guests were subjected to year after year at the Magic Kingdom during peak attendance seasons.


Latest Look at the Main Street USA Bypass - 8


The thematic overlay thrust upon the backstage area traffic escape valve is still unfinished and progress is slow to appear which likely is attributable to potential work hours on the project being limited due to the bypass being used heavily during the Summer season.  Using the bypass in recent days there is no questioning the experience feels more Magic Kingdom-like but I can’t shake the feeling that for some people their first experience of the Magic Kingdom may be through this stripped down corridor versus Main Street USA that was designed to build up to the sight of Cinderella Castle.  Sometimes reality can make even the most magical of dreams turn into a pumpkin.  But with attendance ever-growing at the Magic Kingdom, this isn’t a problem that can be wished away, for now though we await the completion of the project before we give it our final say.