Aerial Photography Shows ‘Pandora – World of AVATAR’ Rising Into Reality

Entering the Construction World of ‘Pandora – World of AVATAR’

At the D23 Expo the Walt Disney Company gave attendees an unprecedented look at Pandora – World of AVATAR and Da Mouse brought you the definitive look into this latest Disney wonder in the making as we experienced it in Anaheim.  But upon return to our base just outside of Walt Disney World, we knew the next step was to take you into the world of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in an unprecedented way for us.  It was time to take to the skies and soar over Pandora – World of AVATAR!Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality

We could write the most brilliant exposition or tell of Joe Rohde’s masterful description of this new Disney themed land but to understand its scale, no words could do it justice, not even a gigantic scale model could.  But there in lies the wonder of photography.  A single picture can instill in us the powerful emotions that often even words can not carry on their own.  Seeing Pandora – World of AVATAR from the air in a fleeting moment was a rush as it would have been for every Walt Disney Company fan but there is something timeless about a still photograph that in some ways is more powerful yet.  The Floating Mountains are risen and this here is no Camp Minnie-Mickey.

Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality With still about two years before completion the sheer sight of this massive construction project is exhilarating.  To know that this is only but half of the rock-work that will eventually envelop the land is mind-boggling.  Seeing the massive show buildings for AVATAR Flight of Passage and the nearby river adventure reaffirms to us that Disney is building something the likes of which Walt Disney World hasn’t quite seen before in an expansion.  It serves as a precursor for what will become a staple for Walt Disney World in the coming years.  Themed land expansions that will bring immersive experiences rather than just single rides to Disney Parks with Toy Story Land and a Star Wars themed land already on their way.

Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality


AVATAR Flight of Passage and River Adventure’s Massive Show BuildingsPandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality

Back on the ground things are looking up.  The show building exterior is nearly completed and as with the rest of this project the scale is monumental.  A passing Disney bus helps to illustrate this point in the photograph above.  The larger of the adjoined attraction buildings will house the more intense motion simulator attraction and the smaller building the more tame but scenic river cruise.  Of course this sight won’t be important in a couple of years but for now it serves to give a sense for the project and its progress.


Following in the Footsteps of Disney’s Great Mountains

Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality

From Thunder Mountain to Expedition Everest and Cars Land, Disney has been expertly shaping steel and concrete into it own form of artistry that brings worlds both real and imagined to life by providing a visual escape to what otherwise would be more ordinary surroundings.  Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is the closest proxy to the mountainous construction we see at Pandora – World of AVATAR but even it had nothing like the bending steel that shape the supports for these colossal structures that will appear to float high above your head.  It’s an incredible Imagineering feat despite the Walt Disney Company’s renowned prowess in these structures and the end result will be a captivating backdrop for a rich themed land within Disney’s kingdom of animals.



The Scale of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Breathtaking

AVATAR isn’t at Disney’s Animal Kingdom yet but it’s presence is being felt all around the theme park.  It has spurred growth in attractions, dining and placemaking throughout the park that culminates in 2017.  But even before then, its construction already looms large over Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  With cranes bringing floating steel and concrete to bear over the park’s entrance it gives guests a potent reminder of the changes arriving at Walt Disney World’s youngest theme park as it searches for its rightful spot amongst its sister parks.  Like the theme park we are just beginning our adventure into this new world and we hope you’ll explore it alongside us here at Da Mouse as we find out together the power of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality Pandora - World of AVATAR Rises Into Reality