A Look at Cinderella Castle’s Revamped Entryways

The west entryway ramp into Cinderella Castle has temporarily reopened in order to accommodate the holiday crowds at the Magic Kingdom as work continues to revamp this area of Cinderella Castle and cap off the larger Magic Kingdom “hub” renovation project.  Although much work is needed before even the reopened ramp is completed it gives us a strong sense for the changes underway.


Revamped Cinderella Castle Entryways


The first thing most guests will notice is the larger more refined use of materials, from the larger and more ornate wrought iron lamps to the finer concrete used to form the walls of the path. Currently these walls are still boarded up with wooden construction covers where eventually brown steel fencing will go.



You can get a sense for how that fencing will look from the small section partially installed on the east ramp.  The fencing and walls are larger than before and include pathway lights to better illuminate the pathways, both attempts to improve guest safety.  It shouldn’t be much longer before the final bits of construction are completed and we’ll update you with Cinderella Castle’s final look then.  For now though we take solace in knowing that you can once again walk through Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.