Castle Couture Looks Magnificent after Refurbishment

Cinderella’s Castle is close to being dwarfed by Shanghai Disneyland’s castle and as such we’ve seen a flurry of enhancements to Cinderella Castle that add to its grandiosity.  The largest of these enhancements has come in the form of new castle turrets and walls that are a part of the larger Magic Kingdom “hub” revamp that has completely transformed the space.  While we wait for the completion of the renovated ramps to Cinderella Castle in its background sits Castle Couture looking quite spiffy now that it has emerged from its own refurbishment.

It continues the trend that began with the construction of New Fantasyland that made Fantasyland’s paint scheme darker, establishing a larger sense of realism than before.  Another offshoot of that movement began with the construction of New Fantasyland’s castle wall entrance, where Disney began to highlight the courtyard walls of Cinderella Castle that surround what was then “old Fantasyland” attractions.  Highlighting the “stone walls” with darker hues really grounded the area and continues to have the same effect with Castle Couture.  Though with Castle Couture it also has the effect of extending the Castle’s footprint when seen from the Magic Kingdom’s hub.  Refurbishments at the Magic Kingdom is something Walt Disney World has gotten largely right of late and Castle Couture is no exception.  Enjoy the photos and we’ll have more updates from the Magic Kingdom very soon.