Pandora – The World of AVATAR Rises With More Than Steel

The last time we took a major look at the James Cameron inspired theme park land Pandora – The World of AVATAR, we saw a steel framework for the vision Walt Disney Imagineering had shown us at this past year’s D23 Expo where the full-scale model was on display for attendees.  The next step for Disney’s “mountains” includes a layering of concrete that is then shaped and painted to form the masterpieces of construction that become the escapist worlds of Disney theme park lands.  The only difference here is that for scale you must look at Cars Land or the soon to be largest expansions to Disney Parks with the new Star Wars experiences to get a sense for the grandiosity of what is taking place over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  It’s all happening where Beastly Kingdom almost came to stand, where Camp Minnie-Mickey had worn out its welcome and where soon the dragons of Pandora, Banshees – shall take flight.



Where once just steel rose now concrete forms the massive boulders that comprise the Hallelujah Mountains as seen the in the blockbuster film “AVATAR.”  But those “floating mountains” are just the beginning of the “rock-work” story at Pandora.  A massive wall of mountainous landscape provides cover for the show buildings that make up the land’s two major attractions and provide an incredible backdrop for the mountains in the foreground that will appear to be absolutely massive when you are placed under these giant floating behemoths once Pandora – The World of AVATAR opens next year.  These photos go a long way towards showing a changing construction landscape and soon we shall take to the skies again and give you an even more in-depth look at the progress taking place at Pandora – The World of AVATAR as it steadily approaches its opening in 2017 and as the Animal Kingdom theme park around it continues to be rounded out with new and engaging experiences coming online in due time this year.