Disney’s Polynesian Resort Has a DVC Studio That’s Tough To Beat

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In the past few years it’s obvious to anyone who is watching the Walt Disney Company that they’ve skewed their business model to target a higher-end consumer. Though there is some value to buying into Disney’s Vacation Club there’s little denying that Disney’s DVC program has stratified the Disney Resort experience even further. To be frank if you want to stay at the newest, most modern and therefore simply the best rooms in Walt Disney World outside of the immaculate Four Seasons Resort, DVC is the way to go. We were fortunate enough to be able to experience the DVC Studio at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and though it wasn’t perfect we came away with the feeling that it was a beautiful and very practical room for families, if you can afford the rates.

A taste of Hawaii a couple of monorail stops away from the most visited theme park in the world. That’s tough to beat.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is a classic and largely known quantity. It’s a taste of Hawaii a couple of monorail stops away from the most visited theme park in the world. That’s tough to beat. Then you throw in the upgraded amenities that include Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, a redesigned lobby and pool and it’s hard to argue with wanting to stay here for your Walt Disney World vacation. Now that we’ve gotten the table stakes out of the way, it’s time to get into the heart of this review, our impression of the Poly’s DVC Studio.

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What I love about Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is the serene and romantic feel the resort’s grounds evoke and the DVC areas of the hotel carry this forward nicely. From the glass globes hanging above that adorn the entryways and tie into the new decor at the updated hotel lobby onto the retro modern furniture and bright hues that fill the hotel wing’s own small lobby spaces. We reach our hotel room’s door and it’s a beautiful dark-wood door that sadly has a scrape running across its entirety presumably from a careless luggage piece being pushed along. Yes, I notice everything. We attempted to use the convenience of Walt Disney World’s My Disney Experience app to open our room door but as anyone with experience using the app knows it’s very hit and miss. We couldn’t get the app to remote unlock our door. Hopefully this works on our next visit as we love this idea. We’d also love for Apple Watch support to arrive in the future that would allow us to open the room door with our Apple Watch. Disney you are listening right? Once inside the the rich dark woods continue on the bathrooms’ sliding doors, the closet and the contrasting wood floors. And yes there are 1 1/2 bathrooms in this room, more on that in a second. We pass the usual DVC Kitchenette, with a microwave, sizable refrigerator, sink, coffee machine and the basic utensils, plates and cups you’d need for a small in-room meal. But like all of you we’ve dropped our bags and are rushing to see the wonderful accommodations that await us.

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This Poly DVC Studio is gorgeous. It’s got a simple, clean, modern and bright look that takes the Polynesian theme and adds just enough Disney finesse to bring the aesthetic up to present day expectations. The room feels spacious with the sliding glass doors overlooking the tropical resort grounds framed by beautiful beige and and orange curtains that fold up against wood paneling on the either side. The art immediately grabs your attention in this room with the playful tiki birds filling the room with joyful life and color that matches well with the pullout couch and pop color pillows beneath. The queen size bed is nice enough with lighting overhead that is dimmer switch adjustable which comes in handy as the early evening turns to late-night.

This Poly DVC Studio is gorgeous. It takes the Polynesian theme and adds just enough Disney finesse to bring the aesthetic up to present day expectations.

A quick aside about the sleeping experience, bring your own pillows if at all possible. The ones provided do not live up to the premium experience this resort is. I also understand why Disney moved away from using covers for cleanliness but the sheets provided don’t ever make me feel as comfortable as I even do at home or at other hotels I’ve been to. Both are not problems for the exhausted families coming home from a long day at the Magic Kingdom who are falling asleep before they even hit the bed but if you have trouble sleeping like me, it’s worth pointing out.

Stitch has the right idea.

On the right side of the room you have your usual table and chair setup though on top of this table you’ll have the same tiki friend that greeted you in the lobby holding up your lamp shade. It’s a nice Disney touch and you’ll want this lamp in your home and guess what? That’s possible because Disney has the lamp available for purchase at BouTiki, the main lobby gift shop. Next to that you have a nicely sized TV with a pullout bed beneath that is definitely intended for kids. Kids always have it the best and this bed is no different, it reveals to show a serene art piece featuring our friends Lilo and Stitch. They are enjoying the island life with Stitch dead asleep in a hammock. If your kids are as big a fan of Stitch as we are they are going to be talking about their favorite bed nook for years to come. Note that your typical drawer space is not available so storage drawers are made available under the bed and the coffee table near the couch also provides for storage space along with the sizeable closet. This is definitely something to keep in mind though for those of you who love to unpack and are used to the typical hotel room layout.

Overall we find the bedroom space to be grand for couples, perfect for small families and we think its going to make many happy with its beautiful stylings and versatility which continues on with the bathrooms. We did say we’d get back to those.

Now this I can get used to.

Let’s face it, bathroom space is typically at a premium at your typical resort room. The fact that this DVC studio features 1 1/2 bathrooms makes it very desirable if just for convenience alone. It means his and hers bathroom space for getting ready in the mornings or it can mean two people showering at the same time before getting ready for dinner at ‘Ohana. When home away from home it’s these sort of small things that go a long way towards separating a nice room from the one you should consider booking. And I haven’t even mentioned that the shower in the 1/2 bath is beautiful. Behind the glass shower door awaits a sizable shower space encased in grey tile with a small bench seat, waterfall blue tile stretching from head to toe down the center leading you to a rainfall shower head above. It’s luxurious and it’s rejuvenating and just what you need after a long often hot day in Florida’s sunshine.

If the sticker price fits your budget and the weather is nice, I’d stay here every time I could.

As you can tell we had an amazing experience at this Polynesian DVC Studio and we haven’t even mentioned our short walk to Sunset Point to catch Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After’s nightly fireworks extravaganza, or that we were just steps away from a very nice and chill DVC pool, because honestly the room left us with little not to love. As long as the sticker price for this hotel room fits into your budget and the weather is expected to be good since these rooms aren’t directly connected to the main lobby which can be an issue during Florida’s summer months I’d stay there every time I could. So next time your are planning your Disney Vacation or are thinking of using some of those DVC points don’t overlook this wonderful little Hawaiian themed getaway because it might just be the island style escape you were looking for.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Has a DVC Studio That’s Tough To Beat
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Beautiful Modern Aesthetic
Practical for Families with 1 1/2 Bathrooms
Part of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort
Proximity to the Magic Kingdom
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Chipped & Scraped Woods
Thin Pillows
In Bad Weather the Room Isn't Connected to Lobby
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