🚡 Disney Skyliner Vehicle Testing Begins

Walt Disney World is filled with lands of enchantment and wonder but getting to them has become a real infrastructure problem for the Walt Disney Company. If you’ve been on property lately you can’t help but notice from all the construction that they are beginning to address these issues head on. New roadways, overpasses, dedicated bus lanes and even the Disney Minnie Van Service, all have been brought online to help deal with the masses that move around WDW property on a daily basis in 2019 and beyond. The Disney Skyliner is part of this plethora of solutions thrown at this gargantuan task and likely to become one of the most talked about and used methods of transportation on property outside of the Monorails and Disney Buses. As you can see in the video above the project has moved into the testing phase with actual gondolas now being put onto the lines.

The Disney Skyliner system, although not as impressive as a monorail expansion would have been, is vast and connects Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios along with several nearby hotels. There are also hints that if this project is successful that we could see further expansions of the Disney Skyliner. It’s definitely starting to get exciting as Disney moves towards the finish line on this project opening later this fall. As a huge fan of the Magic Kingdom’s Skyway attraction back in its heyday, I’m looking forward to trying this out. As always stay tuned to Da Mouse as we’ll have more coverage of this project in the coming months.