Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant Coming to Disney World’s Toy Story Land

If you thought Toy Story Land was missing an air conditioned eatery, well you’ve been right.  Luckily that’s something Disney Parks is addressing as it has unveiled Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant a Toy Story themed table-service dining option joining the theme park land soon.  Guests will sit amongst a rodeo playset set up by Andy in his back yard.  From the concept art we can see that this restaurant will look as if you are dining within a themed area akin to the queue of Toy Story Midway Mania.  But that’s the only piece of concept art of interest in regards to this BBQ restaurant.

If you’ll step back in time with us you’ll likely remember the original concept art Disney released for Toy Story Land.  In that art you’ll notice the restaurant was supposed to be located just to the right after entering.  This is likely where this “expansion” will go and you can even see the three sections of building that coincide with the three “cardboard boxes” Andy has cut and taped together as referenced in today’s announcement post on the Disney Parks Blog.  Roundup Rodeo BBQ should help alleviate some of the issues with Toy Story Land as well as provide another welcomed dining option for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.