Disney Aims to Own Christmas with AVATAR and Star Wars

Next Star Wars Trilogy To Begin December 2022

Like Thanos capturing every Infinity Stone, the Walt Disney Company led by Bob Iger has acquired nearly every available brand and accompanying studio.  From Pixar and Star Wars to Marvel and now Fox, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures feels like the only game in town.   Certainly the only one with the power to snap its fingers and change the entire industry.  With the record setting Avengers: Endgame now mostly behind us, it’s time for the Walt Disney Company to look forward and give us a peek at their thinking now that the Fox acquisition has filled in their already monumental movie lineup.  Let’s just say AVATAR and Star Wars are in your future.

Disney’s plan is as powerful as it is simple.  Disney aims to own the Christmas box office season through 2027 with AVATAR sequels beginning in 2021 alternating every year with the next Star Wars trilogy films.  Talk about a follow up.  Of course this does amount to a three year hiatus for the Star Wars films something Iger had already hinted at in the wake of the mixed reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the box office weakness of Solo: A Star Wars Story.  This is just part of the incredible lineup of films that Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is bringing to the box office in the coming years.  Of course Disney+ will be streaming these films along with other original content in what is an end to end play for media domination even Thanos would find peace with.