Themed Marvel Land Posters Highlight Disney Marvel Expansions at Disney Parks

Shanghai Disneyland to get Marvel Land Expansion

Disney is well on its way to bringing Marvel attractions to every one of its resorts around the world. From Marvel themed areas at Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and the Walt Disney Studios Park to a Guardians of the Galaxy themed roller coaster attraction at Walt Disney World’s Epcot where the restrictions on how Disney can build Marvel attractions are much greater. That just leaves one glaring omission. That is until Disney CEO Bob Iger strongly hinted that Shanghai Disneyland is set to get its own Marvel land expansion. From the sounds of things it might just be the largest of them all.

As it relates specifically to Shanghai, we think we have a huge opportunity for Marvel there. We built something somewhat temporary in nature, just a tent that features Marvel franchises and characters, because when we began designing the park in Shanghai, it was only soon after really we had purchased Marvel, and we went in early enough to do it. But there are great opportunities long term given the affinity people have in China for these characters. That’s a hint to our parks and resorts group. We should be hard at work already designing and developing some Marvel presence in Shanghai. They’re listening, I know.

Disney CEO Bob Iger

As if the quote above from Disney’s quarterly earnings call wasn’t telling enough as to Disney’s intentions, Bob Iger added one more statement for emphasis right as the call came to a close. He added, “… in China, we don’t have any restrictions. So I imagine we’re, at some point, going to get very ambitious about what we do with Marvel at Shanghai Disneyland.” Very ambitious signals to me that this may end up being the largest Marvel land of all the Disney Parks in the foreseeable future.