Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster Brings Marvel Ride to Disney World

The Walt Disney Company would love to build a Marvel land at Walt Disney World but it can’t do that with the restrictions placed on it by the theme park licensing contract that Universal signed with Marvel before Disney’s acquisition. But there are caveats. The biggest is that Disney is able to use characters that Universal hasn’t used in their theme parks. You know like a bunch a misfits that happened to hit success so good at the box office they are now moving onto their third film. With a Guardians of the Galaxy coaster going into the Energy Pavilion at Epcot, Disney is getting to bring a Marvel ride to Walt Disney World as they pursue lands in their Disney Parks globally. They are far less limited in what they can contractually build in Disneyland and not at all in Shanghai Disneyland. It also means Epcot continues its march to becoming an intellectual property (IP) laden theme park. Still there is a lot to look forward to as the attraction will be world class and so we are here to fill you in on the concept and the construction as it pushes towards a 2021 opening.

Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster is a “Storytelling Coaster”

Disney has announced plans that will reshape Epcot forever. Although the Epcot spine redesign is at the heart of these plans and long overdue, the crowning jewel for now is the Guardians of the Galaxy themed roller coaster that will give Epcot’s Future World a much needed E-Ticket attraction. The concept art for the “storytelling coaster” depicts Groot, Gamora and other Guardians characters meeting with guests in front of a modernized Energy Pavilion that features a Nova Corps spaceship just outside its entrance. This Marvel ride at Walt Disney World is a spinning coaster that can have its position controlled. So once you launch out into space your coaster will be programmed to turn to face screens, projections and likely other special effects that will bring the Guardians of the Galaxy ride to life. Add a clever tie in with Peter Quill having visited Epcot and you’ve got yourself a Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts competitor two years from now.

Future World Gets a Giant Building for its New E-Ticket

In the meantime we’ve visited Epcot to show you the massive scale of this project. Our construction photos show the former Universe of Energy Pavilion has been gutted and an extension bridge has been built to attach that building to the new giant gravity building that can fit the volume of four Spaceship Earths. Although you can barely see the building within Epcot’s Future World, it has diminished Spaceship Earth’s stature some as it now competes with this giant box visually from the moment you drive into the Epcot parking lot. This won’t matter to most who will just be glad to see Epcot getting a new attraction. In some ways I can’t blame them because Disney’s Future World has been stagnant for far too long.

All in all, it’s progress at Epcot even if it is not the sort of direction fans of classic EPCOT would like it to take. It is sure to be one of Disney’s signature attractions for years to come and Da Mouse will keep you updated on this project as it pushes towards completion.