Tomorrowland Paint Scheme Transforms Before Tron Arrives

Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World (and Disneyland for that matter) has seen better days. But with Disney’s 50th Anniversary just a couple years away and with it the opening of the Tron themed coaster, things are beginning to look up for Tomorrowland. You’ll have to wait awhile for the thrilling new coaster, but there is a much smaller change to Tomorrowland you can experience today. Tomorrowland’s paint scheme is changing and there’s no turning back now.

The Tomorrowland paint scheme changes actually began long ago with work on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and Astro Orbiter that began to reflect bright orange hues that coincided well with the color palette seen in the live-action film “Tomorrowland.” The movie was far from a box office success but its orange and blues live on. Of course there’s the infamous Purple Wall, that the Disney Parks Blog pushed as the next Instagram sensation. You be the judge whether that means society has hit a high bar or new low. At least we can all agree the reimagined paint design for Carousel of Progress is widely praised.

We’ve seen an otherworldly sheen hit the protruding rocks at the main entrance to the retro futuristic land. Not to mention a return of classic white that harkens back to the more simple aesthetic of a Tomorrowland from yesteryear. And now we’ve got something new. A mix of the classic white with pops of color arrive at various spots in Tomorrowland. At first glance it’s not very cohesive. Perhaps as we get the full picture of what Tomorrowland is set to become in a couple of years things will begin to settle in. For now enjoy this small change to Magic Kingdom’s land of tomorrow as we continue to wait for bigger and better things to come.