Tron Construction Revs up at Magic Kingdom

Tron is coming to the Magic Kingdom in order to celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a new, if cloned thrill ride from Shanghai Disney. The now iconic canopy for the Tron rollercoaster has begun to loom large over Tomorrowland. As construction paces forward we can see giant structural beams that surround the exterior coaster track and will eventually be part of a magnificent illuminated canopy that will forever change the Tomorrowland skyline.

A new development in the construction for Tron that has just gone vertical is the beginning of the build for the tunnel for the Walt Disney World Railroad that will actually traverse under the canopy itself. You can see this and more in the included photos below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like the one above. Tron should be ready to open to the public sometime next year and if I had to guess, Disney likely wants it ready in time for the busy summer rush. Either way we’ll update you along the way as this epic coaster takes on its final form.

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