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What are the factors that affect the service life of the cooling fan


The service life refers to the trouble-free working time of the cooling fan to work normally, and the service life of the high-quality product can generally reach tens of thousands of hours. In the case of similar price and performance, it is obviously better to protect our investment by choosing a product with a long service life. The following TaiWan SAN JU International Electrical Machinery CO.,LTD. will explain the factors affecting heating fan life.

Generally speaking, the service life of the cooling fan is affected by the use environment and working pressure. If the cooling fan works in a high-temperature working environment, the volatilization of the lubricating fluid in the oil-impregnated bearing will be accelerated, the expansion of the device will increase the friction, the coil resistance will also increase, and the vicious cycle of heating and increasing the temperature will be accelerated, and the aging of the electronic component will be accelerated.

The dust will change the mass distribution of the blade, increase the friction, increase the wind resistance, affect the heat dissipation, hinder the heat exchange between the heat sink and the air, and cause the electrostatic discharge to damage the components and equipment. Poor use of the environment may greatly reduce the effectiveness of the fan, and the life expectancy is greatly reduced.

If the working pressure of the cooling fan is large, the faster the fan speed will be, the faster the bearing wear will be, and the more the stator winding coil and the electronic components will heat up, the longer the life will be.

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