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Advantages and disadvantages of AEC cooling fan and traditional EC fan


What is an EC fan?

Ec full English name:embedded controller, i.e embedded controller, the internal controller of the EC fan will adjust its rotational speed according to its ambient temperature. More like the commonly known DC fan.

What is an AEC fan

The AC-to-DC circuit is incorporated into the fan to make it convenient for AC fans and effective for EC fans, i.e.AC ( alternating current ) and DC ( direct current ). The electric energy used by EC fans is only 1/3 of that used by industry standard fans.Advantages:EC fans are easy to operate, have little noise, and have high speed control efficiency. All the electronic equipment of AEC fan is embedded inside the fan. EC fan makes the use of other parts more effective. EC fan has high cost performance.

Features of AEC Fan

1, can choose PWM or potentiometer adjustment speed ( 172 mm size above )

2, can choose low-speed alarm function

3.Optional low power or high speed

4.Controllable air exhaust and suction operation ( only above 128 mm size )

5.optional speed signal output ( fg )

6, lighter than the same type AC fan

Which of the general EC fan and the San Ju AEC fan is more efficient?

The general EC fan has 3 conversions:

AC to DC Rectifier Circuit -> The step-down circuit DC 310 V will be DC12-48V -> DC two-phase or three-phase motor motors;

AEC fans have only two conversions

Rectifier circuit AC to DC -> High voltage DC three-phase motor motor:

Because the San Ju AEC fans have only two conversions, the loss is less than that of ordinary EC fans, so the efficiency is higher.