Be Our Guest

Coming to the Magic Kingdom Holidays 2012!

Be Our Guest Concept Art (Via Official Disney Blog)

Off in the distance a castle stands proudly over snow-topped mountains.  We  journey alongside waterfalls and streams until we cross a bridge and arrive at the castle’s gate.  As we step inside, the luxury of it all makes our eyes glimmer in awe.  We continue down the corridor, and then…

We’ve made it! We are in the grand ballroom where Beauty & the Beast danced for the first time on their journey of love.  Dazzling golden arches, ceilings and floors.  Tables with the finest linens and shimmering silverware, certainly fit for a king.  We sit down because the wonder of it all is almost too much for one to bear in just one glance.

And just as we are about to catch our breath, we see a candelabra.  Why it’s Lumière!  As his flames brighten the room with gusto he begins to sing, “Be…Our…Guest.”  The room comes alive as waiters deliver endless culinary concoctions and wonderful delights.  A sensory overload to be sure but an incredible evening it makes for.




  • Elegantly serves up to 550 guests
  • Transforms from a quick service restaurant during the day into a full table-service restaurant at night.
  • Guests can dine in the famous Ballroom,  Gallery or even the mysterious West Wing.
But if you thought the night was done, how about stepping inside the forbidden “West Wing” for dessert!  Just don’t get caught for we wouldn’t want to spoil our invitation to this royal feast.  It is not every day you get invited by the Beast.

Latest News & Updates:

[Construction Progress] Be Our Guest restaurant now has its entryway arches in place. Our latest photo-update has this and so much more.

[Construction Progress] Although the visible exterior construction work on Be Our Guest restaurant appears to have slowed somewhat, work continues on painting the rock-work mountain sides and on the bridge that will eventually lead guests to their dinner.

Snowing Over By Beast’s Castle

[Construction Progress] It has begun snowing around Be Our Guest restaurant’s rock-work as the paint work on that portion of the build nears completion.