Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Well, howdy partners!  This mountain range has some stories to tell.  So make sure ya grab the next train and keep your eyes open.  There’s no tellin’ what ya might see.  This legendary train route will have you hightailin’ it around mines, canyons, waterfalls and whatever else the blazin’ sun touches.  Don’t think there has ever been anything like this before.  Never been anything this wild, this out of control.  Well folks, its a mighty fun time you have ahead of ya on good ol’ Big Thunder.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad On-Ride Video!

Latest News & Updates:

  • Da Mouse has pictures showing Big Thunder Mountain’s Track without the wooden planks that normally adorn the coaster’s path. You can see the post here.
  • Screamscape is reporting that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will receive an “extensive track package” during the refurb. They are also reporting that NextGen may make an appearance along with a couple other “surprises.”
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be closed for refurbishment Monday, January 09 – May 28, 2012

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has had several of its effects missing for some time now and the longer refurbishment most likely indicates that they will take the time to restore them as well freshen up one of Magic Kingdom’s most beloved attractions.