Bonjour! Village Gifts

Coming to the Magic Kingdom Holidays 2012!

The sun rises over the hills of the french countryside as we step into the nearest village.  What was once a quiet place and morning quickly rises to the boisterous beat of merchants beginning their day and people strolling through with the harmony of their usual routine.  It all has the feel of a song to it, as we glance on past the baker and his warm baguettes.  We are comforted by the usual ways of the life we’ve known for so long, yet still excited that today we might find something more.


  • Themed to the French village bookstore where Belle started her mornings in the animated classic Beauty and the Beast
  • Prominent and arched stained-glass windows


We continue our own routine, towards an incredible place filled with stories so grand, so beautiful, so daring, so filled with love that it has become our oasis in this provincial life.  Where others see just a bookstore we see a world brimming with hope and possibilities.

It may be just ink on paper telling of magic in far away lands but when we read it we are so consumed by its every word that the story comes to life all around us.  So whether it be a small trinket or magnificent book that we pick up on this day we now understand why Belle loved this place.




Latest News & Updates:

[Construction Progress] Bonjour! Village Gifts seems to have received a ton of attention in the past few weeks and you can see everything from the molded arches around the windows, to the roofing and chimney installation.