Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

The universe is in constant peril at the hands of the Evil Emperor Zurg.  His latest plot to destroy intergalactic peace is centered around a weapon of limitless power.  All is not lost though because the heroic Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear is defying all odds and fighting on the side of good. But Zurg is more powerful then ever and Buzz Lightyear needs Junior Space Ranger recruits to fill the ranks and help in the fight to defend the outermost reaches of space.  Buzz needs you!  It is time to learn on the fly as you board your very own space cruiser equipped with the latest in lazer cannon technology and take on the Evil Emperor and his minions.  Blast your way through this interactive adventure and you might just help save the universe and raise your rank in Star Command at the same time.  Your path has been chosen and it is time to go, “to infinity and beyond!”

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