Enchanted Tales with Belle

Coming to the Magic Kingdom Holidays 2012!

Concept Art Via Official Disney Blog

As the sun begins to rise in the east over the hills we make our way through a dense forest with leaves which glisten in the sun’s rays.  The delightful singing of birds and calm trickling sound of water from nearby streams gives us the feeling this might just be an enchanted forest.  Winding our own trail through the towering trees we approach a small cottage with a heartwarming nature about it that draws us closer.  Before we arrive at the front door, we spot something we’ve only read about in books.  It’s a well! Well it’s not just any well, it is a wishing well!


  • After stepping inside Maurice’s Cottage guests will step through a magic mirror and into Beast’s Castle Library.
  • Belle will interact with guests as she takes them on her journey of enchantment, friendship and love.
  • A Lumière audio-animatronic will bring the story of Beauty and the Beast to life.

After having paused for a second, long enough to throw hope into water and wish for magic, we arrive at the cottage’s porch which also does double-duty as an extension for what seems to be a workshop.  It’s not long before we realize this must be Maurice’s cottage we’ve stumbled upon, just as our curiosity reaches an incredible height.  Our curiosity gets the better of us as we enter the cottage to see if the stories we have heard are true.  Then out of almost nowhere appears a magical mirror.  It begins to show the amazing tale of Beauty and the Beast and soon we are thrust into Beast’s castle via the magic mirror in a way that seems as surreal as the entire morning’s journey has been.

We are surrounded wall to wall by towers of books in what can only be the library which Beast is known to have gifted Belle when she arrived at his incredible home.  Still in a daze from the whirlwind experience we are on, we begin to see a golden glow appear from the shadows.  It is Princess Belle!  She invites us to sit down and tells us that we must have found her because we were in the search for a great tale as she was just some time ago.  We happily sit down near the fireplace to hear every word as she begins to tell of daring, courage, compassion and love.  Intriguing as it were, we couldn’t help but stare at a candelabra that has begun to move and talk, shout and dance.  Lumière had joined Belle to help in the retelling of a story so incredible that it made our minds dance with whimsy.  For we knew at that moment that our wish had come true.

Latest News & Updates:

[Construction Progress] Enchanted Tales with Belle is receiving its exterior paint work, including on the chimney stacks of Maurice’s cottage.  The bridge as seen in the concept art is now nearly complete.