Gaston’s Tavern

Coming to the Magic Kingdom Holidays 2012!

Every man needs his castle and this one is like no other we’ve seen before.  Just steps outside, the thunderous raucous of shattering glass and wooden tables being knocked over both frightens our scrawny beings and excitingly proclaims to us that we are in the right place.  After all we didn’t come here just for a good drink though the sign says tavern, we came here to bask in the glow of greatness.  So we toughen up as best we can and slam the door open as we embark on a night no man, woman or child will soon forget.

We dodge punches and brawls, dive under arrant guns shots and spit on a split-second journey to the bar.  We proudly gulp down our drink feeling incredible just to be in the same place where the apex of our specimen once stood.  And then suddenly we are blindend by the glow surrounding the man himself.  It’s him! Gaston!


  • Recreation of the pub as featured in the film Beauty and the Beast, antlers and all.
  • Will have a mounted portrait of Gaston (pictured left)
  • Will serve several non-alcoholic flavored drinks
  • A nearby fountain will feature Gaston and his sidekick LeFou



Why it is true! No one is as slick, quick, shoots or wears boots like Gaston!  No one fights, bites or delights a crowd quite like Gaston!  The aura that surrounds him inspires strength even in our meager existence and draws the eyes of all the most dazzling dames in this village.  He takes upon his throne adorned with antlers, a mighty sight to see.  A king in his castle and luckily on this night, we get to share it with he.



Latest News & Updates:

[Construction Progress] Gaston’s Tavern has really seen a ton of progress in the past few weeks and should soon begin to see some more of the theming elements installed.