Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

Even with the latest improvements in Laugh Energy Technology, Monstropolis once again finds itself with an energy shortage.  But don’t despair for our lovable, one-eyed friend Mike Wazowski has come up with an ingenious solution.  In the heart of Tomorrowland, you can step right through a special door that will take you into the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, a comedy club created to capture the ultimate renewable energy, your uncontrollable laughter.  Laugh you will, as an unmatched platoon of monsters take the stage for improv comedy that will change every time you visit the club!  You will meet fresh faces from the Monsters, Inc. world such as Mike’s adorable little nephew as well as some not so fresh faces, yup you guessed it…Roz!  Best of all you could be an integral part of the next show.

Always looking for the latest and greatest joke that may spike the laugh meter and fill energy canisters, Mike Wazowski is counting on you to text him your favorite joke.  It could be your joke in the show that sends the crowd into laughter and saves the day.  Yet this just represents one of the many neat ways for the monsters to interact with the audience and turn every moment into a hilarious showcase of monster comedy.  There is more to tell, but never should anyone spoil a good joke…

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