New Fantasyland

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From Concept To Reality Opening Timeline

In Fantasyland you step inside a world of whimsical magic where dreams come true.  With stories of adventure, love and hope, Fantasyland has been a place for those young and young at heart to feel that anything is possible when you just believe it to be.  And as special as it all has been to take part in the happiest cruise that ever sailed, or soar above the clouds with Peter Pan, soon you will venture into an all new realm where fantasy thrives in the Magic Kingdom.

Beginning in 2012 your fantastic journey will take you beyond the Castle Walls and into a forest with endless enchanted stories to tell.  The wonder, mystery and fanciful excitement that awaits will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  At every turn magic dances amongst the streams, forest trees and the vistas of countryside villages and castles that invite us into the most unforgettable Disney lore.

It isn’t long before you’ll encounter Maurice’s Cottage, where you’ll be presented with a story-telling experience like no other in Enchanted Tales with Belle.  As you delve deeper you might even step inside Beast’s castle as you are invited to Be Our Guest restaurant and dine in the famous ballroom or even in the forbidden west wing!  Or perhaps you’d rather test your drinking might at Gaston’s Tavern or visit Belle’s favorite bookstore at Bonjour! Village Gifts.  But of course your whirlwind journey doesn’t end there for yet another castle has appeared in the distance at the edge of a shoreline.

Ah why yes, Prince’s Eric’s castle elegantly glistens in the sun and calls you to join in the fun of yet another adventure in Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid.  After singing along with Sebastian in your incredible voyage you arrive once again at shore to find that Casey Jr. has brought along a Storybook Circus to a nearby town.  With a main act that takes you soaring with a dueling version of Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

And what would a circus be without a side show, Pete’s Silly Sideshow to be exact.  Featuring zany acts such as the great “Donaldo” there is no telling the amazing times you will enjoy.  Still not enough, well The Great Goofini will mesmerize you with his daring stunt pilot routine as he barrels through the sky.  As the sun begins to set, you set forth on back towards the fantasy forest to find the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  Aboard a unique swinging mine cart, you careen your way around twists and turns both on the track and in the plot of the incredible story of Snow White from the perspective of your favorite seven.  As you approach the tournament within the castle courtyard once more you find yourself amongst royalty with Princesses Tiana, Cinderella and Aurora in Princess Fairytale Hall.  It’s all too incredible for words to even begin to describe the magic and lifetime experiences to be had at this new portion of the Kingdom.

Da Mouse, bringing you the ultimate experience of New Fantasyland from concept to reality!