Town Square Theater

Sure stepping onto Main Street, U.S.A is breathtaking in its own right but what if you could catch a glimpse of a star right as you walk into the Magic Kingdom.  But not just any star…we are talking about the one and only Mickey Mouse!  Yes the big cheese in his own magic show but he has invited you backstage for a personal one on one that you will not soon forget.  Best of all with the inclusion of backstage passes (FASTPASS) you won’t even have to hold your excitement for much longer.  Inside the theater you will find paintings that transform magically before your very eyes and wall to wall details that will make you wish you could stay for hours.  If you are lucky you might even encounter Minnie Mouse as she helps Mickey prepare for his grand magical performance.  Tons of fun and Disney spirit abound as you have your photo taken and grab autographs from the Mouse power couple.  It is a momentous occasion to be sure but there is still more.

For a limited time Town Square Theater is also playing host to the Disney Princesses in all their glamorous wonder.  You too can be royalty as you meet with Cinderella, Belle and Aurora and share in an enchanting experience.  So whether choose the life of royalty or the glow of being a star, Town Square Theater is not to be missed as you stroll down Main Street, U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom.

Latest News & Updates:

  • [10/31/11] Talking Mickey is being tested at Town Square Theater as a limited engagement.  No official word yet on when it might become a permanent addition.  See Mickey as his mouth moves, eyes blink and talks in incredible animated glory in the video below.